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What molecule is a pigment

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The energy of blowing wind can be harnessed to create electricity. why is wind considered a renewable energy source? a) wind does not cause destruction of the environment. b) wind turns the blades of a windmill that creates electricity. c) wind provides only a very small amount of electricity to the united states. d) wind comes from atmospheric conditions that are available indefinitely.
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Type the correct answer in each box. use numerals instead of words. if necessary, use / for the fraction bar. the following chemical equation shows the combustion of ethane. balance the equation by filling in the coefficients. c2h6 + o2 → co2 + h2o
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Can someone pretty me with this ? it’s urgent. compare the three theories of emotion. here are the three theories of emotion. cannon-bard theory of emotion: the belief that both psychological arousal and emotional experience are produced stimultaneously ( at the same time) by the same nerve stimulus. james-lange theory of emotion: the belief that emotional experience is a reaction to bodily events occurring as a result of an external situation. ( “ i feel sad because i am crying.) schachter-singer theory of emotion: the belief that emotions are jointly determined by a nonspecific kind of psychological (bodily function) arousal and its interpretation, based on environmental ( natural surroundings) cues. which of these theories makes most sense to you? why. your response should be written using proper english spelling and grammar. and it needs to be 10 complete sentences.
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Easy 6th grade work! 100 points! i need fast! compare the parts of a cell and the cell as a whole to another common nonliving system (i. e., a car, a city, describe the parts of a cell and their primary function.
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What molecule is a pigment...

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