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What caused the tension between Russia and USA and Britain

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What did the brown board of education decision do? o a it established 'separate but equal" segregation o b. it supported cultural segregation in the classroom o c. it banned racial discrimination everywhere. o d. it ruled that segregation in schools is unconstitutional
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The ottoman kingdom began in the region of anatolia
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Henry h. amringe commented in reaction to the 1850 women’s rights convention. women in europe may fill the throne, as reigning monarchs. shall they who are thought worthy of the highest station, in hereditary monarchies, be deemed unworthy of election to office, by the suffrages of a free people? if women, placed in the administration of great and vast national affairs, by the mere accident of birth, have acted wisely, much more might we expect not wisdom only, but integrity in the government of women, selected by free citizens, with a view to mental and moral fitness. short-answer questions where did henry amringe make these comments? what argument does amringe give to support his views?
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What is a key difference between the earliest works if history such as homers the odyssey and modern works of history 1.2.3
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What caused the tension between Russia and USA and Britain...

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